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Here we go again, how many times have I heard this story before? My 2kW linear went a novice many years ago. Who is this full call only running 1kW? Shame on him.

I've been in the hobby since 1977 and did it the hard way but lately I turn on the local 2m repeater and I have to check to make sure I'm not on 477MHz by the sound of it.

We went through all this BS when the Novices first came on line and now we see a repeat with the F calls. 

There must be other ways to increase numbers other than continually lowering the standard?

We should consider ourselves lucky to have all these newcomer join us with all the answers. Goodness me I must have become a SOB.

Ok let loose with the flame war, I can handle it. Been there done that.


For those who don't know me, I'm being sarcastic.

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>I guess that I may have been licenced longer than many within this forum being one of the first novices, then a Z call before obtaining my full call in those days we had to answer >essay type questions, not the perhaps easier multi choice ones these days with the start of an industrial hearing problem getting to 10 words a minute in CW was not easy 
Well said Brian. I took an exam that had essay type questions and 12 wpm morse - 20 years ago as a 15 year old. I am glad things have changed and we are now seeing a phase of 'revitalisation' in this hobby that was at the verge of senescence! Most of our repeaters used to be dead quiet 5 years ago and now I bet I can get a response even at 2 in the morning in Adelaide! We could go on about entry level operators not sticking to the LCD...what about a full call running a Killowatt? What we really need in this hobby is mentoring.
I ran a foundation course this weekend and we will have 6 new operators active on air..and I am delighted. What also made my weekend was a F-call work a station in KP4 on 40 m...he struggled a bit but made it. As for WIA....if it was not for the WIA we would have lost a major part of the spectrum and our privileges.
Let us enjoy the hobby and make the new comers welcome
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