[OZAPRS] uiveiw on a radio tnc

rick rjlammas at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 4 07:47:15 EST 2008

Running uiview thought the tnc

I can see the station close to me .like vk4rmm-3 and rvk4rtw-3 and my mobile 
tiny tracker .
I can see station in this area but my problem is If I go and look at my raw 
data I can not see my tnc station anywhere line it is vk4nrl-6 .My computer 
on the net is vk4nrl-1 and tiny tracker is vk4nrl-9 .
may be wrong setting some where in uiveiw can any one give me a ideas to 
I am running to diffent computer one is for this weekend showing club member 
the tiny tracker and I would like it all working .
many thanks Rick vk4nrl 

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