[OZAPRS] VK APRS and google earth Re: Foxtrack

Jim (VK4AJO) VK4AJO at aapt.net.au
Wed Apr 2 12:20:03 EST 2008

Yep, TinyTrakConfig is the only  one that would work on my Foxtrack also.
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> Andrew (and all),
> I've been on air overnight, but not seeing my callsign in the Google
> list(http://vk4tec.no-ip.org/cgi-bin/google_vk2.cgi). It shows up on
> (http://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=vk2xpx*&limit=50 ).
> Any idea what's happening?
> For those that may be interested I'm using a Foxtrack and an old Alinco HH
> with a 1/4 wave mag base on the shed roof for testing.
> I've had trouble configuring the foxtrack, find that tinytrack config
> version 1 is the only one that will work, but some features (like smart
> beaconing) are not available with that version.

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