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Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Mar 4 21:59:05 EST 2007

There is at present, no support for .ecw files in xastir.

You can however, make use of xastir's ability to reference any image file.

For example, andrew.jpg would have a support file called andrew.geo

andrew.geo contains information such as image size, and co-ordinate

Here is an example. (please note you are not just restricted ot files on
your hard drive, you may reference a file on the net.)

URL  http://www.tech-software.net/bne_map2.gif
TIEPOINT 0 0 152.544444 -27.225833
TIEPOINT 1264 897 153.360278 -27.742222

0 0 is the top left of the image, 1264 and 897 are the bottom right
and of course the lat/lon for each.

The inf2geo.pl script supplied with xastir, does not convert image
but instead, creates .geo files from UI-VIEW .inf files.

UI-VIEW, uses .inf files in the same manner that xastir use .geo files.

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Andrew Rich
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G'day Ross,

There are others more expert than I on the subject and they will show up
here eventually.

Maps in *.ecw format are, I'm afraid a no-go. Maps in .gif, .jpg etc can
be converted with one caveat... you need to have the ImageMagic or
equivalent package installed. The script uses it to get some info from
the header of the graphics file.

Having said that, I've successfully converted UIVIEW maps with no
problem, after I sorted the afore mentioned dependency.

I'm in the Windows box at the moment so can't get to the relevant info,
tho I daresay some more useful info will pop up here

vk3fce wrote:
> Greetings All,
>     I am very new to Linux and could someone share their experiences
>     with me in converting Ozi explorer maps to Xastir format.
>     I understand that I have to run the 'perl' script included with
>     Xastir to convert the map calibration file to a format Xastir
>     recognizes but am not sure whether this has to be done at the
>     command prompt or in the GUI.
>     I am running Debian Linux and have only got this running today.

Norm, VK3XCI,
Mildura, The Wintersun City

Victoria, Australia.
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