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Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Sat Aug 11 11:14:51 EST 2007

Here is a bit more info on the existing Easy Radio modules

1. They come in TX or RX, or a TXRX
2. 10 mW
3. They come with a program you can talk to the device and send low
high carrier for testing.
4. They use 19k2 baud rate that comes from a USART / UART - makes them
to have off a PIC chip.
5. They take care of the pre-amble, manchester encoding and CRC checking.
6. They have RSSI (Rx sig strength pins)
7. Then have a busy pin - good for collision detection.
8. They run off 5 volts and draw very little power.
9. They have a repeat function - but you would have to manage more than
digi setup with ping pong suppression.
A. Data rate on UART side - 2400 to 38400
B. Configurable power output from 1mW up to 10 mW
C. Configurable channel selection
D. They cost around $30 for TX / RX and $60 for TXRX

I have tested this and driven around the block - I got 1.9 km's out of


Cheers Andrew VK4TEC

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  I would like to make representation to the company that makes easy

  They are currently on 434 and 900 MHz licence free bands.

  They do 19k2 on air at 10 mW.

  I would like to ask them about producing a module that is up the band a
bit into the 70 cm region.

  I have looked at after burners. For $80 I can get a kit that will give
around 15 watts out.

  The databurst is true FSK at 100 kHz.

  I am now curious as to the licence implications.

  Where would you run a digital signal around 100 kHz wide on 70 cm ?

  The data transmission is around 25 ms.

  Here is the link to their website


  Comments ?

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