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Marcus B mrmabs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 12:23:40 EST 2007

On 11/08/07, Andrew Rich <vk4tec at people.net.au> wrote:
> The databurst is true FSK at 100 kHz.
> I am now curious as to the licence implications.
> Comments ?

Licence implications, none.  You can have (really) wideband modes on
70cm and above (eg. ATV).

This may be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some of these
reserved segments that aren't in use yet while the bandplan is still
changing, and it could open up a wideband data a segment on 70cm
before it was squeezed out by bandplans.

Maybe an option is to email the bandplan people at the WIA and ask for
500kHz (or more, 1MHz?) of 70cm for "wideband data", including spread
spectrum, databurst & highspeed data.  Maybe two segments (431 &
441MHz, see below)?

The UK UHF bandplan has 430.990-431.900 reserved for data, and there
are only a handful of 426MHz ATV repeaters left in the country (7
licensed out of about 20 according to the WIA), if the right frequency
is chosen, this could be good as we could play with European data
equipment, and we could sell them our stuff.  Aussie reserved is
431.275 - 431.975MHz.

> Where would you run a digital signal around 100 kHz wide on 70 cm ?

There is also a reserved segment at 441.025 - 441.975MHz.  I have been
using this band for all kinds of playing for years.

For $60 a TRX I could be interested in this, especially if we could
get the WIA to reserve some wide data segments (so it doesn't get
re-allocated and make the equipment useless), although it does seem a
little wide (100kHz) for only 19k2 data...  Something like this could
do digital voice and/or mid speed data.

"Anyone who tells you different is selling something." -- Kent Beck
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