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Andrew McDade amcdade at iprimus.com.au
Fri Aug 31 17:19:16 EST 2007

I suppose everyone's operating practices on HF while mobile are different.
have the IC706Mk2G  in the vehicle for voice primarily, but with the
to quickly change to 30m aprs and flick a switch to turn on the TT3
I'm not engaged in HF voice coms. In my opinion it makes better use of
"expensive" radio in the vehicle because you could say its doing something

useful even though your not talking on it !! When I feel so inclined I
the TT3 off, then have a bit of a poke around ham bands, maybe have a chat

or two. After which I switch back to aprs mode. The nature of HF aprs
itself to this type of operation because generally we aren't looking for 
real time tracking, but more for positional updates every so often during 
the course of the day perhaps on an outback / interstate trip etc. The
advantage of using a fully blown radio on 30m aprs is that other stations 
can readily see that there is a propagation path happening at a particular

time and a voice call to the mobile station can be made. Then its just a 
matter of qsy'ing down the band a bit to 10.120 or wherever to continue
conversation. I tend to listen to the aprs frequency while running the TT3

for this reason. Its been great on past trips to get calls from other aprs

users on HF while traveling about the outback. Its a bit like using voice 
alert on 2m aprs I guess. Speaking of which, I've also been using the 
IC706Mk2G on 2m aprs a bit as well lately. Just a frequency change to 2m
a flick of another switch on the TT3 to change the profile from 300bps HF 
aprs to 1200bps VHF aprs. The same philosophy as above applies by way of 
monitoring incoming voice calls using the recognized voice alert criteria.

I guess at the end of the day it also helps minimize the amount of radio 
gear, equipment jiffy boxes, cables, power feeds, antennas etc. etc.
off the vehilce as well. (some people like that look though !)

I think I take enough "stuff " as it is, when Im travelling about !!.

Regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX 
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