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>Top of email, sorry, couln't quickly find the reference point.
>Why would it be a waste to use a top radio for APRS? I have a toggle
>switch so one position is APRS, the other normal HF with the curly
>too easy!

I guess it depends on what you do with AR..  The only non-APRS traffic
I've done on AR bands in the last 7 years are talking to three specific
people, and one SOS call when we had an accident in the hills on a group
ride, and there was no mobile coverage..  The *very* small amount of
voice traffic that I do do, is actually done on either UHF (and then
usually on CB freqs), on a VHF repeater before coming into simplex
range, or on a commercial VHF freq which my modded FT8100 happily
works..  Can't see myself ever needing to do voice on HF, hence for me,
something other than a
simple-as-possible-but-reliable-and-frequency-locked HF transceiver is
major overkill :)



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