[OZAPRS] New-N Paradigm testing Hobart Area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun May 7 23:31:56 EST 2006

Glad to see the approach.
I wonder thought if you would ever have the saturatin levels
we were seeing up here.  And if not, then there may be no
need to suggest such a short path of 2 or 3 hops.
Run the ALOHA add-on to UIview or APRSdos or
whatever, to see your ALOHA range, and then that will
tell you how many hops to recommend for the area.

I fear that recommending only 2 hops in an area where
there may be no need for that restriction will only
turn people off to the New-N approach.

Maybe.  Just a throught

Bob, Wb4apr

>>> clareandscott at bigpond.com 05/07/06 5:39 AM >>>
Hello to all on the group.


Currently testing the following New-N Paradigm settings in the Hobart


UIFLOOD setting (ui-view digi) TAS this replaces default WIDE so any
addressed say to TASx-x ect will stay within the state of Tasmania!


UITRACE setting (ui-view digi) WIDE this replaces the default TRACE makes
any widen-N paths traceable 


Suggested beacon settings (not mandatory!) 


Fixed station:               WIDE2-2  or WIDE3-3 for outer stations


Mobile stations:           WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1


On my digi I have removed the following alias RELAY, WIDE & TRACE and I'm
only supporting the above format for the moment I still have alias of
VK7HSE, VK7HSE-1 & VK7HSE-2 for those that want to use a fixed path as
are current SSID's that I use here at home! I'm currently running a 9
dup check within ui-view.


I don't foresee that Hobart's RF network is ever going to reach saturation
however I think that the future coexistence on 145.175MHz when Victoria's
APRS network migrates to the national frequency I'm sure that there will
QRM from both sides of Bass straight! 


For those who would like a little more info about the New-N Paradigm
check Bob's WB4APR website on




you will find all the details there.


73 de VK7HSE Scott Evans

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