[OZAPRS] FAA reinvents APRS!

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Thu May 4 22:13:50 EST 2006

A very promising new system to assist glider pilots (mostly) in their
lookout for other aircraft and thus assist in avoiding collisions is
some what similar to APRS - at least in some respects.  Initial tests
here in Australia have been very encouraging.
This is the European version -  http://www.flarm.com/index_en.html    I
understand that an Australian avionics company is working on a similar

There is already some talk of making these units compulsory for contest
flying where the risk of collision seems to be the greatest.     There
is also considerable interest in developing ground receiving systems to
be able to plot glider positions on a map using the transmissions from
the FLARM units.  That sounds very familiar.....


Richard Murnane wrote:

>I knew they'd come around eventually to our way of thinking :-)
>	The following from    http://mitchellconsulting.net/commonsense/?
>p=1694   (Ed K7FVY's site)
>>May 3, 2006
>>FAA re-invents APRS automatic position reporting
>>Filed under: Aviation — admin @ 5:44 pm
>>Ham radio operators have been using automatic position (or packet)
>>reporting systems (APRS) for years. The FAA is planning for a
>>future air traffic control environment based on the same idea:
>>ACB-420 ADS-B Home Page.
>>The main difference is that if it involves the FAA, it will be
>>expensive. The only remote transceiver package available now costs
>>$8,000. And you need to add an $8,000 up to $14,495 LCD
>>installation to display the results.
>>This should make air travel safer by eliminating all but airliners
>>and business jets! (Disclaimer: I am a member of the EAA.)
>73 Richard VK2SKY
>Richard Murnane   vk2sky at unwired.com.au
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