[OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Jun 19 21:33:06 EST 2006

Hi Mike,

Sorry I made a mistake with the ISS path. It should be R0ISS-3,SGATE,WIDE

I have read but not confirmed that ISS will accept a path of RELAY. So you
may be able to use RELAY,WIDE through ISS if the Ground Station is
directly to APRS-IS (I know that one VK Ground Station is). This would
your problem. Probably best to confirm if the path works with an email to
the US APRS Sig or AMSAT list. Or try it your self if possible.


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> Richard,
> tnx fer ur info.
> However I see a problem with the different digi paths necessary:
> on 10MHz HF: GATE, WIDE  and for testing correct QRG-setting I would
> to
> test via ECHO, etc..
> with ISS you suggest: SGATE,WIDE
> but on VHF 145.175 path setting would be RELAY, WIDE
> I am using a TinyTrak3 and I have only 2 settings available in the
> Since I am not sure to understand all details of the DIGI-PATH command,
> let
> me ask the group: What would you suggest to use, if I want to leave a
> reliable track during my travel from Perth to Darwin and Alice?
> I guess around cities it would be preferable to use VHF-APRS on 145.175
> and
> in between and in bush I would use 10MHz HF and eventually ISS. But to
> understanding it would require some reprogramming of the TinyTrak3 using
> Laptop and RS232.
> Any hints?
> vy 73 de Mike
> OE3MZC  or VK3FPF/6
> >

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