[OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Mon Jun 19 21:08:49 EST 2006

tnx fer ur info.
However I see a problem with the different digi paths necessary:
on 10MHz HF: GATE, WIDE  and for testing correct QRG-setting I would need
test via ECHO, etc..
with ISS you suggest: SGATE,WIDE
but on VHF 145.175 path setting would be RELAY, WIDE

I am using a TinyTrak3 and I have only 2 settings available in the memory.

Since I am not sure to understand all details of the DIGI-PATH command,
me ask the group: What would you suggest to use, if I want to leave a 
reliable track during my travel from Perth to Darwin and Alice?
I guess around cities it would be preferable to use VHF-APRS on 145.175
in between and in bush I would use 10MHz HF and eventually ISS. But to my 
understanding it would require some reprogramming of the TinyTrak3 using a

Laptop and RS232.
Any hints?
vy 73 de Mike

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> Gents,
> To complement HF APRS you might want to consider APRS via ISS.
> ISS is very easy to access with a HH and a 1/4 wave antenna on the roof
> the car. There are at least 2 permanent ground stations in Eastern VK on

> the
> downlink. The ISS digi is off occasionally during school contacts,
> events and space ship dockings. You should be able to get an idea of the
> operational schedule from http://www.issfanclub.com/
> The path to use for HF is GATE,WIDE and for ISS is SGATE,WIDE You can 
> easily
> put each path in one of the TT3's 2 profiles. www.aprs.net.au has some
> information on these systems.
> It would also be worth connecting to APRS-IS server 
> first.aprs.net.au:14579
> to get an idea of VHF Digi's that may cover the areas where you expect
> travel. All VK except VK3 (Victoria) operates on 145.175Mhz. Most of VK3
> operates on 144.900Mhz.
> Cheers
> Richard
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>> Thanks for the link Can I point out that the links I am trying to look
>> at don't work
>> Detailed State information on APRS.
>> VK6  just comes back with ERROR The requested URL could not be
>> and the VK4 "tries" to show a findu a map
>> Anyway thanks for the frequency and the path now just have to work out
>> if that will work in Perth and Brisbane and up to Rockhampton
>> Thanks Mike oe3mzc,VK3FPF/6 for your input I will only have VHF/UHF all
>> the best for your trip.
>> Kiely
>> ZL1KM
>> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> > Use 145.175 MHz
>> >
>> > Use path of RELAY,WIDE
>> >
>> > http://aprs.net.au/
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
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