[OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Mon Jun 19 17:39:30 EST 2006

Hello Kiely,
since I plan to travel from Perth to Darwin and Alice in 
July/August/September 2006 (soon!) with a 4WD, I have asked similar
and got following answer (see below) . Please keep me posted with your 
vy 73 de Mike
oe3mzc or VK3FPF/6
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Hi Mike .. I see you posted a email to the OzAPRS group as well.. All of
HF gateway operators are subscribed to that list ..

Fine on your trip.. Most of the time on your trip 2m will be useless. The
frequency is 145.175 . This will work in all capital cities ok using
RELAY,WIDE as the path . Melbourne and VK3 is 144.900 .. Perth and Darwin
would be ok with 145.175 ..

HF is different. You will get very good coverage on 30m. We use 10.147.6
with Tiny Trak 3 . There is the occasional breif Voice chat on there as
using USB. I run a Tiny Trak 3 at times when I am away from the City here.
Use a path of GATE,WIDE . See

On VHF use a SSID of -9 and on HF use -15 .

The full time HF gates are VK4DMI and VK3SB VK3JFK

Also if I know your comming I can switch one on here in Adelaide also. I
this for travellers particularly during holiday periods. This will help.
Generally we find that we get from 500km to 3000km radius from the HF
with pretty good coverage.

VK5EX just drove from Adelaide to Darwin and we tracked him all the way
well over 20 posits a day normally on 30m. The year before last he drove
Alice Springs and then across the the North West Coast of VK6 and we
this as well..

Let us know on the OzAPRS mail list when you arrive and we will look out
your signals and start switching on more Gates if we need to on HF .. We
will all be very interested to track your progress..

There are currently no other HF APRS frequencies supported in VK with any
regularity.. They do use 40m in ZL but Ive found it is too noisy for APRS
work most of the time and in VK8 VK6 it is even more cluttered.

Tony & Eva Hunt  VK5AH wavetel at bigpond.com

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Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 4:46 PM
Subject: APRS coverag in WA- 4WD Outback?

> Hello guys,
> I read about OZ-APRS gateway service on 10 MHZ.
> Since I plan to travel from Perth to Darwin and Alice Springs and Sydney
> from July, August, September this year, I would like to ask you about
> further details of OZ-APRS HF gates and vhf/hf-aprs in VK in general.
> Frequency: would it be correct to tune to 10.151 LSB with my TinyTrak3
> FT100 +ATAS120 ?
> What coverage could I expect on the trip from PERTH to Darwin and Alice
> Springs?
> Would you recommend other QRGs also? on 14MHz or 7 MHz?
> What would be the coverage on VHF? is 145.150 correct?
> Thank you fro your anwsers
> vy 73 de Mike Zwingl
> President
> Austrian Amateur Radio Society

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Subject: [OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

> Hi
> I am looking for some information on APRS in Australia. I have had a
> look on the net and most of the links are broken and are not loading up.
> I am going to Perth early next month for a week then to Brisbane. I
> would like to put out the odd beacon out, what I would like to know what
> frequency to use, what path would be best.
> While in Brisbane I have a hire car and would like to know the same
> information to use there. I will be travelling up from Brisbane towards
> Rockhampton /Bundaberg
> I will be grateful for any information you can supply.
> Kiely ZL1KM
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