[OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

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To complement HF APRS you might want to consider APRS via ISS.
ISS is very easy to access with a HH and a 1/4 wave antenna on the roof of
the car. There are at least 2 permanent ground stations in Eastern VK on
downlink. The ISS digi is off occasionally during school contacts, special
events and space ship dockings. You should be able to get an idea of the
operational schedule from http://www.issfanclub.com/

The path to use for HF is GATE,WIDE and for ISS is SGATE,WIDE You can
put each path in one of the TT3's 2 profiles. www.aprs.net.au has some
information on these systems.

It would also be worth connecting to APRS-IS server
to get an idea of VHF Digi's that may cover the areas where you expect to
travel. All VK except VK3 (Victoria) operates on 145.175Mhz. Most of VK3
operates on 144.900Mhz.


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> Thanks for the link Can I point out that the links I am trying to look
> at don't work
> Detailed State information on APRS.
> VK6  just comes back with ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved
> and the VK4 "tries" to show a findu a map
> Anyway thanks for the frequency and the path now just have to work out
> if that will work in Perth and Brisbane and up to Rockhampton
> Thanks Mike oe3mzc,VK3FPF/6 for your input I will only have VHF/UHF all
> the best for your trip.
> Kiely
> Andrew Rich wrote:
> > Use 145.175 MHz
> >
> > Use path of RELAY,WIDE
> >
> > http://aprs.net.au/
> >
> >
> >
> >
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