[OZAPRS] information on APRS in Australia.

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Mon Jun 19 18:35:20 EST 2006

you might find some stuff on my page

see below

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Thanks for the link Can I point out that the links I am trying to look 
at don't work

Detailed State information on APRS.

VK6  just comes back with ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved

and the VK4 "tries" to show a findu a map

Anyway thanks for the frequency and the path now just have to work out 
if that will work in Perth and Brisbane and up to Rockhampton

Thanks Mike oe3mzc,VK3FPF/6 for your input I will only have VHF/UHF all 
the best for your trip.


Andrew Rich wrote:
> Use 145.175 MHz
> Use path of RELAY,WIDE
> http://aprs.net.au/
> -----------------------------------------
> Andrew Rich

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