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Rendrag rendrag at rendrag.net
Thu Jun 15 11:33:07 EST 2006

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From: "Ron Perry" <ronk at sunlinux.com.au>
> Don't forget to locite the grub screws of the antennae. It solves the
> problem of vibration of motorcycles.

Good point - hadn't thought of that :)

Though this particular antenna is going on the work ute - haven't gotten
around to finishing fitting out the bike yet.. (finally got a bike
for it all though - old K100RT :)

Gotta say, mounting up all the rigs (uhf and am cb's, FT1800, and the
its surprising how little spare room there is under the dash for all the
remote mount bits and pieces.. - You'd think a ginormous 4wd would have
plenty of room behind the dash, but no - I had all this gear mounted in my
old '94 calais, years ago, and it all mounted up ok (though i ended up
relocating it all to the boot, as hitting xmit on anything would shut down
the engine management, d'oh!).. - I've ended up with only the UHF cb
mounted, with the remote unit sitting under the center console (and head
mounted above the dash cluster).. - am cb is mounted on the left of the
centre console, and the FT8100 has it's remote head sitting right on top
it and mounted on the right of the centre console..

Oh, and finding a 'ignition on' wire (for the dual battery controller)?
run all the cabling up way up under the dash, so it ended up easier to
solder straight onto the back of the ignition switch!

The joys of a getting dual-battery + 4 radios + 2x GPS + PDA mounted up in
an old hilux in two days, fun!



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