[OZAPRS] Planes ???

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 16 15:30:28 EST 2006

Hi Folks

For one reason or another I have been rather inactive for a couple of
now and for the very first time for a long time I turned on my HF APRS
station whilst doing so I decided to look at Findu to see what local
activity was taking place and much to my dismay there appeared at first
glance very little as I had well over half a page maybe two thirds of a
Findu page filled up with aircraft beacons as most air traffic passes
reasonably close to me this means that most of the local Brisbane traffic
does not get a look in.

I am all for having weather stations that I personally get some good
information from looking at their details but why are all the NON Radio
Amateur commercial air traffic beacons being sent to Findu or for that
matter any Amateur Radio Server?

I am at a complete loss to know what the air traffic has to do with
Radio APRS?

Being out of it for a couple of months I must have missed something please
would some one care to enlighten me.

It is a shame as I as I guess others must be doing am missing out, on
seeing much of the local traffic with preference being given to the
commercial aircraft that are generally closer to me.

Guess I have missed something is this happening all over VK or just here

Best Regards
Brian VK4BBS
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