[OZAPRS] Silly antenna mount question

Ron Perry ronk at sunlinux.com.au
Thu Jun 15 05:45:07 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 01:19 +1000, Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
> Ahhhh, awesome - DSE search didn't help me any, but that link shows that
> woden powerhouse (a whopping 2 blocks away) has them in stock - will go
> one in the morning (leaving for melb first thing friday morning
(following a
> freight truck full of servers down..), so was hoping like heck it'd be
> easy to get thing :), and fit it up :)

Don't forget to locite the grub screws of the antennae. It solves the
problem of vibration of motorcycles.


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