[OZAPRS] Maps for Gold Coast / Brisbane?

Alan Wallace (ZL1AMW) Alan at wallace.net.nz
Thu Sep 8 10:58:40 EST 2005

Well off-topic for this list, (so my last burst on the subject) but, to
get a VK license I need a VK address, so have to tell a fib. To get a
visitor’s license I need to prove my arrival and departure times (I wonder
why?) and pay for a whole year.

Other (enlightened) countries don't charge for reciprocal licenses at all,
and even more enlightened just allow visiting amateurs to operate with
their home callsign - no paperwork.

I see the VK amateur license process is up for review, maybe someone
should ask for some more visitor-friendly arrangement to be allowed? It
would certainly increase the number of visitors operating in the country
(assuming that is desirable of course).


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You need an Australian callsign to operate in Australia. Most people I
just get a permanent Aussie callsign. It is a $55,000 fine to operate
without a valid license.


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