[OZAPRS] Maps for Gold Coast / Brisbane?

Alan Wallace (ZL1AMW) Alan at wallace.net.nz
Mon Sep 5 15:01:15 EST 2005

Anyone got any reasonably detailed Gold Coast / Brisbane maps for

The best I have found are on http://vk3.aprs.net.au/maps_for_aprs.htm ,
has anyone done any street-level maps?

I will be holidaying there for a week late next month, and am
considering taking my APRS for the mapping functions. I can't go on-air,
as the reciprocal license arrangements are not practical.  Apply 3
months before travel, produce evidence of arrival and departure dates
(so the period is restricted to that time only), pay for a full year's
license fee - not very attractive for a holiday!   Does  anyone actually
go through with all that?


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