[OZAPRS] VK3 APRS Network Update

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Mon Jan 17 18:37:50 EST 2005

Just a note on this.. As Andrew pointed out we never did find an answer to
it when it did it to us.. I think it was running Ui-Digi v1.9b3 but not
sure.. I suspect as Marco calls it there was a memory leak..
What I did was make sure when it came back on air that I logged on
remotely and did a RESET forcing the digi to reload from Eprom.. Also make
sure there is no battery installed in the TNC .. They are big trouble on
the Ui-Digis as you are allready probably aware ..
Tony VK5AH

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Richard Hoskin wrote:

Hi Tony,

You where right.

Dave and I went to 3RBU-1 this morning to see what was wrong only to
notice when we got there that it was working properly again.

We tested everything any way but did not find a problem. Yet it was not
working last night.

Needless to say its still working fine this afternoon.




Some electronic gear has this unique characteristic of acting up, but then
"behaving" when it knows someone in authority is coming to sort it out.
Happens all the time around here  ..................... 

This is the reason I hardly ever put the screws in the covers on equipment
here.  If I do, the gremlins sense it and come out in force within days. 

There is a name and definition for this annoying phenomena but I can't
quite remember what it is (or was).


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