[OZAPRS] HF Gates and Sat Gates...

Noel Rowe noel-r at clear.net.nz
Wed Jan 19 08:16:51 EST 2005

As requested,
HF gateway information:-
I run a HF rig (receive only at present) on the agreed 30m frequency 24/7.
For the traffic heard to get to the nearest i-gate it needs at least one
unproto path - GATE is fine, but most normal ones ie WIDE will do it.   I
do not have TRACEn-n turned on.  The preferred thing is GATE,WIDE as that
gets the traffic out to the region on VHF.
(just checked - had 16 successful decodes from 30m VK beacons overnight)
Satellite gateway information:-
I run a 2m rig 24/7 for reception of APRS satellites.  At present it is on
the ISS frequency of 145.800 but if I know PCSat is active I will manually
switch when I am about and passes are due.   Paths as above, but SGATE is
the preferred one for satellite use rather than the GATE for HF.
I am willing to monitor any other satellite, 2m or 70cm, and can setup for
other modes ie PSK/JAS easily if there is a demand for it.  I have full
satellite tracking (home built from an old 486 PC) available for antennas,
but need a boot up the backside to get it all out of the garage and the
outside bits up in the air.  But then, I need another boot to get a new
antenna up for 30m, so that I can Tx as well as Rx!
Noel, ZL3GR.
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