[OZAPRS] HF Gates and Sat Gates...

Ron and Val Smith rsmitj at tpgi.com.au
Thu Jan 13 23:07:28 EST 2005

Hi Richard,
I am listening on 30m, receive only and gating to vhf and hence to the
igate vk4cqu-3.
There is a vhf digi in the path so to reach the igate needs a path of
gate,wide at least.
Unfortunately although I live across the road from the telephone exchange
and am only 15km from Gladstone, ADSL is not possible in Calliope, the
exchange is not fitted with the appropriate hardware, so I cannot igate at
The receiver runs 24/7 but its vfo does drift a bit so I have to retune
from time to time. Temperature seems to be the main problem.

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I’m about to update the aprs.net.au HF web pages and was wanting to put
the latest information it.

Can you let me know if you are running an HF Gate for APRS and on what
frequency, times and location.

Also I was thinking of including a National APRS Satellite information

So if you are running a SatGate please let me know what Satellites you are
gating, the path to use to get to the local IGate and your location.





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