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G T & C A Beagley beagley at xtra.co.nz
Fri Feb 25 06:26:34 EST 2005

Hi Andrew

Sounds to me like the TNC is not initialising at boot up.
I've had this experience with KPC-3s. Thay can be difficult.
Found the best way was to set up the TNC first using the floppy that 
comes with the TNC to get all the parameters and baud rate set then go 
to the other program knowing how it is set. Make sure you have the 
correct initialisation coms rate set before starting. (Note that KPC 
uses INT KISS to get into Kiss mode which is different to most other 
TNCs). Should work then.
The first one I tried was very difficult to switch between modes (i.e 
getting it out of KISS) without resorting to the original floppy or 
Pacterm. The second one died from a progressive firmware fault. I 
haven't been able to acquir a third one to try.

Hope this helps



Andrew Rich wrote:
> Howdy,
> I just downloaded digi_ned and read all the files and it looks great.
> I formated a: /U
> Then I ran digiflop, and it created a boot floppy etc. Boots up, makes
> disk etc.
> My TNC is a KPC-3
> I tried both KISS (9600) and straight TNC (1200) mode.
> I can see digi_ned trying to TX at start up, says all is ok and sends a
> beacon on screen, but the tnc does nothing.
> But in either KISS or TNC nothing happens. Yes I have the right com
port, it
> matches and checks out in hyperterm.
> What am I doing wrong ?  Should DIGI_NED tx on startup ?
> I started up my car as a source, but digi_ned does not do anything.
> Ideas ? PC is a pentium 4
> I only see kenwood tnc or baycom that seems the closest to kantronics
> What would be good to, is a desctiption of what files to blow away, so
> get the config screens back up
> on boot instead of having to re-format and re-build the floppy.
> Cheers Andy VK4TEC
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