[OZAPRS] Only one VK APRS gateway operational at present.

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Mon Jul 5 20:58:18 EST 2004

Thanks Brian for the comments.. Ive been tempted to make a comment in the
last couple of weeks.. Ive been driving about all day and beaconing every
7 mins or so... Some days I have to wait till gone 12 midday to get a
posit into the Internet system.. I have been putting it down to lousy
I have been periodically running a gate here at times but thought it was
covered by and large by 3MY 4DMI 3ECV etc .. It looks like its had a few
holes in it after all.. Its interesting because in my car I typically have
10 stations on the map on 30m during the day..
I was driving about this morning and copied a frame off Andrew 5EX up
there in far NW VK6 in my mobile setup.. After picking myself up off the
floor I did a snapshot of it .. Ive since found he never made it to any of
the internet feeds.. He hasnt been seen on findu now for over a week
Tomorrow I will run a gate again here for a while if it helps.. Ive been
experimenting with AGWUIDIGI and also with Digi_Ned for Larry VK4CLM who
will be starting a HF system up there in Tieri .. As far as a perminent
VK5 GATE goes.. I suspect Andrew has some ideas in that area when he
returns from his jaunt..
2004-July-05 11:16 3 stations
Callsign    Type       Latitude   Longitude      Km   Bearing  Last Heard
--------    ----       --------   ---------      --   -------  ----------
 VK3MY-4    (G) Diam'd 37.51.54S  145.18.28E   685.2    121   Jul 05 10:56
-VK5AH-15   Rec Veh'le 34.54.32S  138.35.44E     0.0     90   Jul 05 11:14
 VK5EX-11   Rec Veh'le 17.17.56S  123.36.51E  2451.0    319   Jul 05 10:55

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Just in case you are wondering why you are perhaps not being gated on HF
at present it would appear that VK4DMI-4 currently is the only operational
HF Gateway.
VK3MY-4 will be heard digipeating and beaconing but for the past month has
not been gating at all, Richard is trying to resolve this problem
VK3WRM-4 Gateway has temporally been off HF APRS taking part in the
International Balloon trials near his home town but I do see him back
there just at the very moment  as I am entering this email, great to see
him back that is for sure and to stay I hope?
Be great if we can get a couple of other HF operational say one in VK5,
VK6, and northern VK4 or VK8.
Thanks to those ZL stations who have been gating some VK for us, pity
though we can see the ZLs gating on the net but never hear then actually
operating on HF.
Brian VK4BBS


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