[OZAPRS] Trimble GPS (Lassen SQ)

Ron and Val Smith rsmitj at tpgi.com.au
Sun Feb 15 07:36:36 EST 2004

Hi All,
I don't know if this has been tried before but I have just obtained a
SQ GPS module (also called the Trimble GPS module)
It is nice and small, about 2.6cm square and .6cm thick.
When you manage to connect to it, power it up, and interface the computer
rather quickly finds the satellites and even first time it finds itself.
very good.

It needs 3.3V and will not run below 2.9V.  Depending on which antenna it
draws between 45mA and 60mA.
The power/data connector is very small and really needs surface mount
approaches (and good eyesight) to make connections. I don't have that but
was able to use 'veroboard' by cutting down the centre of the tracks using
an old, but small, dental burr.  There are some mechanical difficulties
holding it in place as well. Double sided tape is recommended in the
if the soldering tabs cannot be used but in the hot climates inside a car
the glue just melts.

The software and manuals are available on the Trimble web site and the
software works and the manuals are ok.

The data lines, both in and out, need to be inverted before  connecting to
computer or APRS device, eg Kenwwood rig.

The default data mode is TSIP but it can be commanded to NMEA.

So, after a day playing, it works fine on the bench. I hope to have some
more time today to make up a better physical arrangement, which is the
part, and put it in the car.

Has anybody tried these?


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