[OZAPRS] Up on 30m

Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 12 07:33:07 EST 2004

Terry Neumann wrote:

> G'day Norm and others .....
> Look for VK3MY - consistently the strongest signal, and by common 
> acceptance, the reference for the correct frequency.
> I'll try to put my home station on air tomorrow, and for a few day 
> during business hours, and add to the general QRM.  It's an MFJ -1278 
> and therefore I'm operating on a slightly different dial frequency, but 
> I can decode everyone and ping most, so 10.147.6 will still be the place

> to look, assuming your rig is on frequency, and your TNC tones are more 
> or less standard.
> 73
> Good luck
> Terry

G'day Terry and all,

I can see VK3MY all the time, its a really good signal here. Also a 
handful of VK2s and VK4s, even some vk3 mobiles!

I was having trouble with dial frequency but you've shone a light on 
it... I didn't realise that even tho all 300bd TNCs had a 200Hz split, 
not all used the same tone pair! I'm using a AGWPE/soundcard TNC and the 
dial frequency is 300Hz out! Dont know if its the FT107 calibration or 
the tone pair now!

I do have trouble pinging most... don't know if I'm not getting out or 
they don't respond to pings.

Terry, a little off topic, did you get all your crop in? Most round here 
got all but their seed in before the thunderstorms came. There's a fair 
bit of shot and sprung grain around!!!

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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