[OZAPRS] Up on 30m

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Sat Dec 11 23:19:49 EST 2004

Norm McMillan wrote:

G'day all, 

Thanks to some wonderful information from John, WB4LNM, I've got the
FT107-M to transmit on 30 metres. 

The band appears to be quite noisy at the moment, but then there are
thunderstorms about at the moment. 

I'm on 10.147.6 nominal at the moment, but haven't heard any thing yet.
Don't know how the dial calibration is so have to trial and error it!! 

G'day Norm and others .....

Look for VK3MY - consistently the strongest signal, and by common
acceptance, the reference for the correct frequency.

I'll try to put my home station on air tomorrow, and for a few day during
business hours, and add to the general QRM.  It's an MFJ -1278 and
therefore I'm operating on a slightly different dial frequency, but I can
decode everyone and ping most, so 10.147.6 will still be the place to
look, assuming your rig is on frequency, and your TNC tones are more or
less standard.

Good luck

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