[OZAPRS] RE: [ui-view] Removal of the UI-View messageextensions fromUI-View32

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Tue Apr 20 20:04:13 EST 2004

Richard, Can you explain this ?? Why is Ui-View messaging more efficient
Why do the messages pass better ?? I have not seen this at all.. Is it
really a matter of the paths used and not so much the message type?? Are
Ui-View messages that much shorter frames that it makes a difference and
propagates better on hard paths ? I must say I am fascinated though!

Although we have discouraged its use here in VK5 as its not compatible
D7's D700's APRS-Dos etc and some operators have no idea of what a UI-View
message is as opposed to a APRS type message let alone the fact that they
are sending one (a Ui-View style message).. You also probably remember
Ui-Digis are/were not compatible with Ui-View messaging. In earlier
of Ui-Digi we had major problems with the digis treating the frames as
though they were to be digied with the SSIDs decreasing in the style of
directional digipeating on the destination address.. Now we have the
in Ui-Digi to defeat this problem with the UIMsg command.. Sending a
type mesaage to a station with a SSID other than -0 was invariably a mess
that didnt work.. In early days of Ui-Digi we found that there was no way
you could send a Ui-View message to some stations even though they were
running Ui-View because of the destination address and the Digis.. Suffice
to say my conclusion was that its all too hard..

It would seem with the evolution of the APRS spec and also various APRS
clients and software that we need a commonality to be able to send
regardless of what software we choose to run.. I can see were Roger is
comming from..

Still if there is some advantage to it all then lets explore it. I am all

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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> Roger,
> I disagree with the removal of the UI-View message format and request
> it is kept as part of UI-View in the future.
> Here in Australia the main APRS program that 99% of people use is
> We have been experimenting with ARPS messaging for some time using both
> APRS standard and the UI-View extensions. We have found that the UI-View
> extensions work in a more efficient and reliable manner on our RF
> than the APRS standard.
> If we send a message to a set path using ARPS standard the message will
> received about 70% of the time an ACK received by the sender about 50%
> the time. Using the UI-View extensions we are finding an increase in
> to message reception of about 90% and ACKs received by sender of about
> This indicates that the UI-View message system tends to be more reliable
> than the APRS standard.
> It is also felt that the UI-View message extension system is more
> and faster to communicate with than the standard APRS messaging.
> Regards
> Richard

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