[OZAPRS] What the heck is all the fuss really about,what are you in it for?

rsmitj at tpg.com.au rsmitj at tpg.com.au
Sun Apr 4 05:34:41 EST 2004

HI Brian,
Well said.
I hope to be on the road by about 1700 this aternoon heading back north.
I wonder how 40m APRS will go this time.
Quoting Brian Beamish <bbeamish at bigpond.net.au>:

> Come on Fellas
> You have been haggling or commenting about being on or off the so called
> "30m International frequency" for it seems weeks now but what is the
> most of you have or will never operate on HF APRS anyway and if you
> want to work DX International APRS go to 20m you have more chance there.
> APRS you may hear ZL and maybe once a year, if that, you may hear some
> International traffic on 30m so why I ask all the hassle? Why the fuss
> bother?
> I think someone just wants to prove a point and does know when to get
> his "Soap Box".
> Whether, I believe he is, VK3MY is on or off the so called "30m
> International Frequency" I for one will be netted to where ever he and
> VK4DMI are. Please note VK4DMI will be back as soon as his "Forest"
> his yard is removed and he can erect antennas again.
> Get on HF APRS etc and enjoy this wonderful hobby if you are not it it
> enjoy and use it for relaxation well give Amateur Radio away right now
> take up something else that will do it for you.
> Maybe some of you need to join a debating club to get your relaxation.
> Better get off my "Soap Box" as I am in AR for the enjoyment and
> it gives me away from the hassles etc of daily work, health and on
> family life.
> Life is great be in to enjoy it whilst you can.
> B C N U
> Brian VK4BBS

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