[OZAPRS] Rig Frequency.

Noel Rowe noel-r at clear.net.nz
Thu Apr 1 12:21:27 EST 2004

Ron asked;
>I have never disputed that we are on the wrong frequency.  Having used
my radio on HF USB voice with xtal locked radios, being told to "come up
a bit", I found I was reading 200Hz above the nominated frequency.
Considering this, my readout would be 10.147.8 for HF packet with the
KAM+..or thereabouts.

>My readout just "ticks" over to 10.147.9. This is what I was using to
resolve VK3MY-3.  I had 2 KAMplus' one on UI-View and one on a Terminal,
both were decoding ok. with the pair 1600/1800.

>Ok so far..?

>Now if I don't have a problem, then I'm 300Hz too high. If I do have a
problem maybe about 100Hz high, but nothing like the 500Hz that is being
suggested by Noel.  ?? 
Well the answer isnt going to be easy Ron, I am not sure that I have it
all worked out.  What I do know is my desire for us all to be at one.

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