[OZAPRS] National APRS digi QRG's????

Howcho VK2TPH howcho at smartchat.net.au
Fri May 9 19:32:55 EST 2003

Greetings all.I was wondering if any kind soul could supply me with a list
of the current APRS frequencies used here in VK.

I am the curator / Digi supporter for VK2AMW-1 and AMW-2 here in the
Illawarra region and South Coast of NSW..

Both nodes here work on 145.175 , however a  trip to Melbourne via the
Princes Highway could be interesting once entering Victoria.

What frequency should I change to?  .Are we once again plagued  by the age
old "break of Guage" Railway curse???????

After leaving Melbourne enroute to Adelaide , again do we have to change
a different frequency????

How about Melbourne to Mildura????Another frequency change????If so , what
frequency????Railway curse AGAIN????

Surely to GOD , not in this day and age!!!!!

PLEASE   PLEASE    PLEASE ,can we get a NATIONAL frequency

OK how about VK6!!!C'mon lads watts happening over your way????I get off
Indian Pacific train at Perth with my Subaru and want to get onto the
APRS map whilst visiting my mate James VK6FJA..What frequency do I dial

For once we have the chance to get it RIGHT FIRST TIME,,,, or is it too

Hey bring on the new digi's and network expansion , but PLEASE let's make
this network , a network to be proud of!!

73 to all de Phil VK2TPH for the Illawara Amateur Radio Society ,Packet
nodes and APRS curator

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