[OZAPRS] VK HF APRS Works well.

Warren VK3BYD vk3byd at wia.org.au
Wed Aug 20 22:02:02 EST 2003

Hi Brian,

It was good to see you out and about on HF APRS.

I have been running 7Mhz (7039) mobile for some time.
Unfortunately its off at the moment while I wait for the new car to 
have a bull bar fitted, then I can re-mount the HF antenna and I
will then be back on hf as well as vhf.

I run APRS on 7Mhz as I am too close to the 10Mhz VK3MY gateway, however
if there is a permanent gateway in VK4 on 10Mhz I would give 10Mhz another


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