[OZAPRS] The Tiger really worked experiment 100% successful.

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Wed Aug 20 07:09:48 EST 2003

I do not understand what the tiger was used for ?

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>Subject: [OZAPRS] The Tiger really worked experiment 100% successful.
>Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 11:57:22 +1000
>Couple of days ago we returned from a long overdue break during which
>we travelled over 3000kms from Brisbane touching in at Tamworth, Sydney,
>Nowra, Goulburn, Dubbo, Conanabran, Narrabri, Texas and back to Brisbane.
>During the trip we ran HF APRS on 10.149 LSB (300 baud) the entire time 
>outstanding success the reports we have received since our return had
>comments as "Every bit as good a VHF" and last night after looking at the
>logs kept by Des VK4DMI I was myself amazed as just how well it went the
>only spots missing were where either Des may not have had his log running

>that particular time or I may have forgotten to turn the gear on when
>leaving in the morning.
>This trip was a forerunner to the trip to Perth we are expecting to make
>next year if not the year after. VK4DMI along with the VK3SB and other
>covered the area extremely well for when the skip did not suit one the 
>took over, looking at the logs it was amazing to say the least. I can
>hope that by the time the Perth trip comes around we will have VK6 and
>HF Gateways up and running as well.
>For anyone interested I do have UI-View Maps and logs covering the trip
>which can  be sent on request.
>The logs only include the HF VK4BBS-11 station as other stations have
>edited out by Des to reduce the size.
>The equipment used was an Icom 706mk1, Icom AH-3 auto tuner its companion
>antenna, Magellan 315 GPS and the Tigertronics 1200/300 baud TM-1 APRS
>Compatible Tracking Module details of which can be found on their web
>Both Des VK4DMI and myself use the TM-1 and also the SignalLink SL-1
>for SSTV whilst we can speak very highly of each product the big
>disappointment for us is that whilst the TM-1 will run on either 1200 or 
>baud it will only do one or the other only in other words using 
>like Yaesu FT-100D, Icom IC-706 or similar it is not possible, although
>TM-1 has 10 settings, to set it up to allow it to swap from 1200 baud
>close to VHF digipeaters and back again to 300 baud HF when away from
>The only way one can achieve this is to carry a laptop program the TM-1
>1200 baud and reprogrammed again back to 300 baud and no one lucky enough

>have a laptop is going to do this on the move.
>I am unsure of other frequencies currently in use in VK for HF APRS but I
>cannot speak highly enough of the 10.149LSB one that I personally have
>to virtually full time use over the past two weeks and congratulate those
>SysOps who have taken their time, and money, to run these HF Gateway for 
>please do use them they are there for you to do so. Use them or Loose
>I hope that you found the above of interest and will give HF APRS a go
>especially when away from the VHF digipeaters. Those living in country 
>I have now proved can also via HF use APRS if they wish.
>B C N U
>Brian VK4BBS
>PS: I had several family members along with Non Amateurs log into
>via FINDU to see where we were at the time if only the maps had more 
>we can all dream eh?
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