[OZAPRS] Tiny Trak3

Daryl Hooke hooked at netspace.net.au
Thu Aug 21 08:45:59 EST 2003


I am completely new to APRS and gleaning all my "knowledge" by reading
articles on the internet.
I have just set up my new TinyTrak 3 and connected it to a Kenwood TH-25
a Garmin GPS55AVD.
It is all functioning OK but no positional data is being transmitted. I
have checked the GPS wiring to the TinyTrak and it is correct.
The packet transmission is as follows:
     VK3AWA-9*\RELAY\WIDE2-2>APT310 <V1 U1>
Is anyone else running a TT3 with such an old GPS? The GPS manual states
that it does support NMEA0183.
ANY advice gratefully accepted.
Daryl Hooke (VK3AWA)
Paradise Beach Vic.


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