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Michaela Wheeler aprs at michaela.lgbt
Thu Nov 10 18:54:45 AEDT 2022

>From our travels in VK6(and 3,4,5,8) recently 30m APRS worked a lot better than 40m just due to the number of igates. You'll probably do a lot better than us as we were using a sand flag as an antenna that changed SWR depending on far bent over it was. 

I'd highly recommend setting up your system to listen for APRS packets as well. It's really nice to be able to message back forth and see where other roamers are. (it's kind of sad how few APRS setups actually listen for packets)

In some of the more remote areas we ended up digipeating HF<->UHF to allow us to have QSOs with people across Australia while we were hiking. Some details here : https://sprocketfox.io/xssfox/2022/07/29/aprs/?ref=footer

  Michaela Wheeler
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On Thu, 10 Nov 2022, at 6:23 PM, Bob Cameron wrote:
> Hi Graeme
> Agreed, but I have one multiband HF/VHF/UHF rig in the vehicle and the HF antenna requires manual tap adjustment. I currently auto switch between voice QSO's on 30m and APRS beaconing. As I move between Ceduna and Norseman I may even change to 20m for voice and only APRS beacon to the sats. I could also use the cellsites I am passing, but don't want to cheat! (hihi)
> Cheers
> On 10/11/22 17:42, Graeme wrote:
>> A fallback using 40m might be more reliable than satellite.
>> Graeme VK2HFG
>> On 10/11/2022 4:47 pm, Bob Cameron wrote:
>>> Just wanted to check this. One never knows how dated Internet info is. 
>>> I successfully beacon on 30m on my VK travels (permanently on road). I am about to wander over to VK6. The 30m will be a good test of the usual VK5 IGate I get into as it seems there is no 30m RX/igate in VK6. 
>>> I do however want to setup a fallback to use satellite and wanted to check if; 
>>> is valid. Would someone please verify this for me? 
>>> Tnx Bob VK2YQA-12 
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