[OZAPRS] Argent OpenTracker+

Norm McMillan vk3xci at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 11:06:30 AEDT 2022

  Good morning all from sunny Mildura, Australia. I have an old Argent
OpenTracker+ which operates exactly as advertised when used as a tracker
with Firmware Build 54908. However... (pause) I cannot seem to get it to
run as a KISS TNC with the appropriate (I hope!) Firmware Build. I have
tried both
OT1+KISS firmware dated 12/17/2008 and
OT1+ KISS (4800 baud) dated 04/12/2008
BOTH load OK but OTwinconfig tells me I have Firmware Build 54817, which is
in fact the OT1+SMT build.
Now, I do note the difference between OT+ and OT1+. Is this significant? Is
there another build somewhere?

Reason is that the old Tiny2 running the VK3XCI-10 iGate is becoming a
little unreliable, with odd unexplained "dropouts" requiring a power cycle.
A replacement is probably only one or 2 dropouts away.

I have also posted on the APRS Users facebook group.

de Norm VK3XCI
Website/blog: https://vk3xci.wordpress.com/
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