[OZAPRS] Anyone use the X1c5 plus APRS portable Tracker?

Wade Smith wade.vk1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 12:30:55 AEDT 2020

I have another branded 1W tracker and used it outdoors regularly. In a
vehicle I use it with a mag mount on the roof and outdoors I use with a
“real antenna” rather than the dummy load they are replied with.  I am
supported with a great digi being vk1rgi which helps also.  Never seen an
issue range wise.

As for config, it also has the same issues - poor english manuals etc.
however it is largely set and forget.   So get it working and I update
needed until your callsign changes.   There are advanced options like
Bluetooth to devices using aprsdroid etc which for those interested more
exploration is needed.


On Tue, 6 Oct 2020 at 12:24, Allen Lord <allen at byonics.com> wrote:

> Serge,
> I am somewhat biased in this regard ( I manufacturer the Micro-Trak line
> of products for Byonics) and I think the X1c5 is very cute ( I think it is
> essentially a Sainsonic S510 with a display) but my experience leads me to
> believe that most people will be frustrated using a 1 Watt transmitter for
> any other application than airborne. Terrestrial operation of a 1 Watt
> packet transmitter is usually going to be very frustrating. (Our 50 Watt
> transmitters and our 40 Watt transceivers are our best selling products in
> Australia, and there are places on this planet where brute force is the key
> to success!) I experimented with a Sainsonic, and I had the same experience
> with configuration and understanding Chinese as you probably did, but I
> finally did make it work. My best results came when I used it mobile with a
> Comet SBB25, 5/8ths wave, 2 meter-only antenna, but found the rubber duck
> to be nearly useless. Trying to add an outboard amplifier to it made the
> unit lose its mind...it went into continuous reset mode.
> 73,
> Allen R. Lord AF6OF
> VHS/Byonics
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 5:13 PM Serge Burjak <sburjak at systech.com.au>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have one of these and am using it at the basic level. It looks and
>> seems to perform great. The documentation is virtually non-existent. Some
>> of the web interface is in Chinese.
>> Be interested to chat to anyone who might have ideas about optimising
>> settings, connecting to other devices via Bluetooth or Wifi. Also there is
>> an Igate of dubious origin as the default and am wondering if there are
>> better options.
>> Fairly new to the APRS side of things.
>> Regards,
>> Serge
>> VK4SB
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