[OZAPRS] Direwolf, Pi-OS et al

Norm McMillan vk3xci at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 09:14:08 AEST 2020

so this is probably a little off topic. You are warned. I'm not a Linux
Noob, but neither am I an Adept.

I have an experimental Rx iGate running on a now headless Pi 3B+ with the
latest updated version of Raspberry Pi OS Lite. Real Linux, no GUI.

I have rtl-fm piped through direwolf and off to aprs-is as vk3xci-15

I want to ssh in from a windows machine using PuTTY. This I can manage no
probs. However, comma

Putty puts me into a new session... how do I get into the currently running
session or otherwise see the output from Direwolf.?

norm vk3xci
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