[OZAPRS] VK1RGI-1 config changes

glen english LIST glenlist at cortexrf.com.au
Sat Jan 11 08:51:57 AEDT 2020

Hi Graeme

yeah, true. I would suggest that for UI digi, RHR implements geofencing 
on what it repeats. (which dire wolf provides)  That would remove a 
quantity of the Sydney traffic. We dont want the Sydney APRS location or 
weather  traffic.  There are many igates around for those interested in 
travelling traffic further afield. I suggest to the RHR sysop, that they 
upgrade the system.

In the meantime, this morning I have made the following changes :

- I have returned RHR back to digipeat status  = yes

- I have modified the WIDE trap to permit 2-2s

- I have added supression of digipeats from the Sydney basin (using 

keep an eye on it and see if its working like you think it should.

Ginini stitches the Riverina together, as the Riverina digis (to my 
knowledge) cannot reliably hear each other, the setup of double repeats 
in the Riverina , and really, from the coast to say Griffith, need to be 


On 11/01/2020 8:00 am, Graeme wrote:
> Hello Glen,
> Notwithstanding trying to stem the propagation of wide2-2 messages 
> into areas far beyond what is thought useful,  not digi-peating wide1 
> from RHR would prevent mobile stations from knowing the location of 
> other mobile stations that are travelling in the adjoining areas of 
> cover.
> Graeme 2HFG

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