[OZAPRS] APRS-WX - BOM to APRS-IS WX Object Creator

Marcus B mrmabs at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 00:45:27 AEDT 2019

Hey all,

Currently sitting in Canberra away from home for a couple of months, I've
started to go through some of my old code, and I found this program I built
to send BOM weather data to the APRS network while visiting VK2DGJ back in
around 2002. The code is pretty simple, it grabbed the text weather data
from the BOM, filtered it and generated an aprs-is packet. It looks like
from the state of the code that I may have packaged this up in the past
(callsign commented out), so it may exist elsewhere? Maybe even on this
list or a previous incarnation?

I seem to remember that this was before many objects like this were
routinely posted to the network like there is now.

I know there are many other ways of doing this job currently in existence,
so this code is only really there for prosperity, but if there is a need to
make this work in the modern world give it a go, or I can look into it. It
would be run from a cron job at a regular interval.

Here's the github link: https://github.com/mrmabs/aprs-wx


"The universe is an intelligence test." -- Timothy Leary
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