[OZAPRS] BOM Feed gone out of control

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Thu May 3 08:31:20 AEST 2018

Yes somethings is wrong. Theres basically a continual stream of jibber
comming out of the server now. Its very delayed with its time stamps.
I first noticed this last night arounf 1800 local time as the iGate was
continually transmitting here with excessive traffic. I only gate relavant
South Australian WX traffic here to RF and thats been the case for years
I am logged into first.aprs.net.au currently with e/WXSVR-AU amongst other
things. If I single out the WX feed then it consists of an almost constant
stream off the internet of about 1kb/s on average. This is everything for
the whole country in WX data.  I dont beleive historically it was anything
like this. It was basically much quieter.
The time stamps are slowly advancing but from what I can see its currently
about 8Hrs behind. Last nights data was irrelavant and incorrect in that in
SA we had Current road WX alerts, Strong wind Warnings and Sheep grazier
alerts according to BOMs web site. What the feed was showing on APRS was all
these things in a cancelled state repeatedly and constantly.
It appears that the WX feed is just overloaded and Buffered and attempting
to play catch up but in reality I think its failing and just dumping it all
to the server at a rate slow enough that it may never clear the buffer.
Another curiosity is something observed here
http://second.aprs.net.au:14501/ where the callsign WXSVR-AU is logged into
the Tier 2 server from IP
This has been logged in since about 1800 local time last night (when I first
observed the excess traffic) and is watching amongst other things its own
feed from WXSVR-AU . The filter is b/WXBOT-AU g/WXBOT-AU b/WXSVR-AU
g/WXSVR-AU g/VK3MJM-15 b/VK3MJM-15
So what is this WXBOT-AU software package doing watching its own callsign
and feed ? Its showing a lot of RX packets and a lot of Duplicate packets
for something thats only been logged in for less than 15 hrs.
Tony VK5AH
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