[OZAPRS] BOM Feed gone out of control

Josh vk2hff at vk2hff.ampr.org
Wed May 2 19:59:43 AEST 2018

There's certainly something wrong - WXSVR-AU has created a bunch of
objects with a position of 11°11.11' S 111°11.11' E recently.

The Active Objects & Bulletins page
doesn't appear to have the same problem with positions, but there is a
php error message displayed that could possibly be related...

- Josh VK2HFF

On 2/05/2018 7:02 PM, Tony Hunt wrote:
> Ive just shut down our Igate here as the BOM feed is out of control. Any
> ideas whats happening ? Theres a continual feed of Fire weather warnings
> followed by cancellations for them and it just does not really let up.
> I cant keep feeding this BOM data to RF.
> Tony VK5AH
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