[OZAPRS] New Proposed APRS Digi for Adelaide - ideas?

Grant Willis vk5gr at bigpond.com
Tue Jul 24 11:28:06 AEST 2018


I have been reading about Direwolf and indeed am considering it. The 
issue for me is one of stability. It has to be pretty much set and 
forget as the site has restricted access. I cant easily go up there to 
service it.

Also as it is so "configurable" how can I keep it down to something that 
is KISS (not the protocol - the principle) so that others instead of me 
can still maintain it in the future? Is there somewhere I can access a 
set of sample configs that just set it up to run as a basic WIDE2-2 
digipeater? As it wont be internet connected patching and security is 
less of an issue (unless someone devises an OTA hack from the AX.25 

Meanwhile depending on how much effort there is in getting Direwolf 
running, the Tiny-2 might go into service in the beginning just to get 
it on the air


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Direwolf, in my opinion is the only option on the table . It has an 
excellent modem and it is HEAVILY featured,

and even better if you understand regular expressions to write fancy 
content filters and routers (like to deal with not repeating traffic 
from a specific location, area, conent, callsign anything...).

It is an least an order of magnitude more capable than ANYTHING out 

it is sooooo far ahead of anythign else, everything else is just 

On 24/07/2018 6:37 AM, Grant Willis wrote:
> Folks,
> It has long been an idea of mine to see a high site digipeater on the 
> top of the Adelaide Hills around Mt Lofty / Crafers / Summertown to 
> provide broad area metro RF coverage. Adelaide has many I-Gates but 
> the one RF digi we have for the Adelaide plains isn’t well sited for 
> that role (VK5RHO) and coverage in the Western and inner SW/SE suburbs 
> has been poor since VK5TTY lost it’s site a few years ago.
> An opportunity has now arisen to install a machine at the long time 
> licensed but never activated (on APRS) VK5RSB site at Summertown using 
> the VHF antennas that have now been installed for the temporary VK5RAD 
> 2m repeater (while it’s tower was being refurbished).
> Thanks to Glen 1XX I have obtained a TAIT radio. I have also dug out 
> of the old SAPUG stores the Tiny-2 TNC that used to run the VK5RAD 
> ROSE node which has a DCD State Machine built in (allowing open mute 
> operation).
> However, before I glue the hardware together in a case, I would like 
> some suggestions please on the following:
> 1)If I stick with the Tiny-2 TNC what EPROM software do people suggest 
> is best for APRS these days? (version, download source etc please?)
> 2)If I don’t stick with the Tiny-2 (depends on how serviceable it is) 
> what alternatives do people suggest for the digital side that are 
> bulletproof and fit the KISS principle?
> The site will be a plain WIDE2-2 digipeater – no internet 
> connectivity.
> Regards,
> Grant VK5GR
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