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Hi guys,
	I use Cumulus connected to my Davis Vantage Pro 2.  I use a serial connection because its over 11 years old now.  Cumulus supports many weather stations and also has the ability to upload direct to Weather Underground and a web page if desired.



Gordo VK4VP

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On 8/01/2018 1:12 PM, Bob wrote:
> I have been thinking of maybe adding my off the shelf WH3081 weather 
> station to the network. It has a USB socket so I would need a USB plug 
> to plug cable or some kind of interface. Any advice besides RTFM?
I use PYWWS to read from my weatherstation, which is similar to yours, and it includes a built-in script to convert its internal format to APRS. Runs on Linux and there's a bit of scripting involved to glue them together, but it's not too hard.

The APRS spec (being American) specifies weather beacons should be in imperial/US customary units. Part of the changes I had to make to PYWWS was to de-metricify the weather data before beaconing it.


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