Glen English VK1XX glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au
Mon Feb 19 08:29:16 AEDT 2018

Right now I have a bunch of footprints for standard 0.15" (cheap) 
(3.81mm) 90 deg green plug in connectors.

If you dont place the connectors, then soldering to the pads and holes 
is easy.

However, there is alot of IO. The alternative would be plain old 2.54mm 
(0.1") header single rows, you can easily solder to those or use 
headerpins and solder to those. but... I like to stay with connecvtors 
easy to connect to and plug in .

Ideally, I try and keep all the connectors on one side of the box, or 
two , to make putting it in a a box easier

Usually  I target Hammond extrusion boxes, connectors on ends only.

all these connectors though, we're running out of room for small boxes.

Some things are opt, some required.

The USB, ethernet from the host micro (odroid/RPi) hang out one end with 
a few connectors,

SOME connectors dont need to be on the edge the option stuff people 
asked for.

So I was thinking of having a matrix- most people might only use 4 to 6 
IOs plus power.

The idea is would be you'd wire jumper the IOs you wanted to a plug in 
green thing common IO connector, this way we dont have to consume every 
bit of the edge for connector real estate for 90% you dont use.

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