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What do you mean by 'login' Glen?

The common APRS-IS 'passcode' is just a hash of your callsign (without any
SSID). An example calculator is here: https://apps.magicbug.co.uk/passcode/

Not sure if there's any way to push data into APRS-IS via a HTTP post. It's
fairly easy to do it as a one-shot TCP socket connection:

Mark VK5QI

On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Glen English VK1XX <
glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au> wrote:

> OK.. writing the igate bit... pretty basic for single way ops. Might take
> a look also at the dirwolf source if I get stuck.
> who is the sysop of the Australian APRS-IS servers ? (to get a login)
> existing  support in my kit is for a HTTP POST .
> supporting the usual comversational TCP/IP format would also be
> straightforward.
> I read the docs at http://www.aprs-is.net/
> is HTTP post supported by the Australian servers for single event posts ?
> ta
> glen
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