[OZAPRS] new mode simulations -2

Glen English VK1XX glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au
Tue Dec 12 12:32:18 AEDT 2017

woops typo in here. previous 5W should have read 100W.
have two copies of one email mixed up

at 5W, good coverage to 500km in reasonable conditions, but lack of 
support in the wee hours.
Suggest 25W into a 1% antenna....


Have been doing some simulations on 3.5, 7 megs on the new mode

excellent coverage 0 to 1500km daytime.

assumptions :

TX :100 watts,  -20dBi, 1% efficiency... approx hemispherical down to 20 
deg elevation

RX noise level ~ -25dBuV/m @ 30 degS, summer, about S3 noise on a dipole 
in a SSB bandwidth on 80 meters.

quite alot of margin all but middle of the day on 80m.

suggest use 40m from local noon through 7pm in summer.

should also survive a static crash....

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