[OZAPRS] Why am I seeing

Bob vk2byf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 18:43:53 AEDT 2017

Let me see if I have been paying attention to this forum.

Some questions from an OM returning to Packet.

Why am I seeing VK2NQ-9 in Surry Hills Sydney, down here in Nowra, 
beaconing every minute or so ?

         He has something configured wrong in his tracker or what?

I see in his destination SSU3W4<VK2AMW-1,VK2HIM-1,WIDE2*

     SSU3W4 Where the heck is that? Ultimately one of the Internet Tier2 
Servers via an I Gate?

     VK2AMW-1 is in a good location and hears him first? Used up the 
Wide1-1 alias, that's why we can't see it ?

     VK2AMW-1 re transmitted his message and was picked up by VK2HIM-1 
who re transmitted him and used up one of the WIDE2-2 aliases         
leaving one hop to go, hence we have WIDE2* left in the path?

These may be basic questions for you experts but I'm struggling to make 
sense of it all. I want to be sure I got it right before I go further.

Thanks Bob, vk2byf

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