[OZAPRS] new digi

Bob vk2byf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 18:11:16 AEDT 2017

Let me see if I have been paying attention to this forum.

I fixed my 5W APRS beacon in the vehicle, now I appear on the APRS.FI 
map as VK2BYF-9. Faulty antenna SMA plug.

I'm running a 20 Watt ZASTONE Igate, RF to Internet only. This was going 
to be my vehicle beacon. Cheaper than an amplifier.

I'm running a direwolf and YAAC, Wide1-1 Digi. I don't want to make a 
nuisance of myself so this will just take me to VK2HIM my nearest real 
Wide. Right?

I can see my bike VK2BYF-9 and my Digi VK2BYF-1 on a RTL-SDR, GQRX, 
AFSK1200 decoder and on the APRS.FI map.

How can I tell if my Digi function is working? In my path? but what if I 
make it to Wide2-2 direct?

Is my setup so far going to work to fill in just my local area? For me 
and passers through?

Should I have a better configuration to avoid creating too much 
unnecessary traffic?

Ultimately I will replace the Linux laptop with a Raspberry Pi 3 and 
leave it running 24/7 on solar and batteries.

FYI the ZASTONE Z218, BAOJIE BJ-218 & the Luiton LT-725UV are all the 
same. Program with Chirp as a Luiton LT-725UV. The RJ45 connector, pin 1 
is on the left looking at the front of the radio. Pin 4 RX audio out, 
pin 3 TX audio in, pin 5 PTT, pin 6 GND. Might safe some other poor 
bugger some time.

Regards Bob VK2BYF

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